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With years of expertise in yachting and hospitality, our team ensures a seamless journey for guests, offering top-notch service and amenities.

At Yachting Zante, our motivation lies in creating unforgettable experiences for our guests as we uphold the values of excellence, luxury, and personalized service.

Having served a diverse range of clients, from sophisticated travelers to adventurous explorers, we cater to all seeking a unique and memorable way to explore Zakynthos.

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Core Values

Our core values drive our commitment to providing exceptional yachting experiences, ensuring each guest feels pampered and delighted.


We strive for excellence in every detail to exceed guest expectations, from service to onboard amenities.


Luxury is at the heart of our cruises, offering a lavish experience amidst the beauty of Zakynthos.


Tailoring each journey to the preferences of our guests, we provide a personalized and memorable experience on every cruise.

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